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Be amongst the most successful and fastest growing UK Fast Food Businesses and Brands. With Rajas the Future is always bright. Don't just ask us, ask our partners. Our Vision is Your success. With branches being opened all over the UK. Let us make your dream a reality.

Earning Potential

Earning Potential

The Rajas brand has benefited from over a decade of experience, determination and dedication, which has helped develop our stellar reputation for great tasting food of the highest quality. Our integrity and customer service leaves a positive impression on our business partners. Our high standards have withstood both the tests of time and a demanding customer following. The unrivaled support and training we offer our franchisees coupled with our highly effective marketing strategies, means we are confident that we are offering a solid base upon on which our franchisees can further build and grow their business.

Rajas are confident that we are offering the best possible starting point and foundation for a successful Rajas franchise to be launched. Prospective franchisees would do well, to note that the profitability is ultimately dependent on the enterprise and hard work demonstrated by the franchisee. We’ve created the opportunity, proved its viability and offered our guidance, but the success of a franchise is ultimately dependent upon the individual. Currently not a single branch runs at a loss and we intend to keep it that way by offering all the support a franchise needs.

Start Up Costs

We impose no mandatory minimum investment on our franchisees, though successful applicants are expected to cover the start-up costs of their own outlet (machinery and shop setup) which we calculate will come to approximately £90,000 – £110,000. The final cost to the individual is subject to change according to the location, size and provision of space of the outlet in question. A comprehensive breakdown and explanation of the investment requirements imposed upon our franchisees will be given to applicants invited to the Rajas headquarters to discuss their potential investment.

Image, Marketing and Branding

Image, Marketing and Branding

Maintaining a strong successful brand and image takes hard work. At Rajas we are always reinvesting into effective media marketing campaigns on TV, Newspapers and online to reach out to customers, which makes running a franchise that little bit easier. We have an ever growing on-line presence with dedicated campaigns to support local and national customers offering local promotions and updates on their branch. Moving into mobile technology is one of our next steps, in order to make it even easier for customers to access us and our delivery ordering systems.

As you can see we take supporting franchises very seriously, driving towards success for all involved.

What Next?

Of course, it’s a long distance from this point to actually establishing a franchise: you will need to seek advice and further details of the investment. If you think you have the skills that we’re looking for, then we’d love to hear from you.

You are always welcome to put forward your queries and if you have the potential to succeed as part of our business, then a visit to our headquarters to discuss the matter further will be arranged.

Enquiry process

Enquiry Process

If you would like to find out more about our franchising opportunities, the first step is to fill in the 'Enquiry Form'.

This will give us a clear picture of who you are. If you meet our criteria, the details of which are listed previously in this document, then you’ll be invited to our offices for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of the preliminary meeting will be to find out more about you and how you envisage the Rajas business with your own business aspirations. During this and subsequent meetings both parties can seek to establish a way forward. The details of your contribution to the agreement and the aspects such as the financial outlook, the market potential and the location can all be discussed thoroughly.

During these preliminary discussions neither party is under any obligation whatsoever and candidates can feel free to withdraw their application at any time. At Rajas we want to ensure we work with the right people who are certain that this is the right decision for them. After all it is a significant amount of capital and investment.

If both parties come to a suitable agreement, after legal and other professional consultation is taken, the franchisee will be required to make official their intent to purchase a franchise and leavea deposit.

For the moment, however, the process is as simple as filling out the attached form and returning it to us at the following address:

FAO Rajas Franchising 
260 Great Horton Road
West Yorkshire

How to own a rajas franchise

How To Become A Rajas Franchise

We are actively looking to grow the Rajas brand and are open to new opportunities to franchise with like-minded investors who share our vision, passion and drive for success. If you’re someone looking for that right opportunity to operate your own business, are hard working and are looking for a rewarding business, then Rajas may be that opportunity you have been searching for. Having a background in food is not necessary, although it proves helpful. We provide the support and training a franchise would need to run successfully.

If what you have read describes what you are looking for in an organisation and you would like to know more about becoming a Rajas franchise then contact us by phone or email on:

Rajas Franchise Team

5 steps to success:

1. Fill in the online Franchise Enquiry Form.

2. After some preliminary questions, we will invite you to our head office (Bradford) for an initial meeting.

3. Once both parties are satisfied, the licence is bought by the franchisee for their location.

4. Site is secured by the franchisee with support and guidance from Rajas, and work begins.

5. Training at head office commences and the process is almost complete.

Everything is now in place …..It’s time to open up the doors and start trading!

What type of support can i expect from rajas when i become a franchise?

What type of support can I expect from Rajas when I become a franchise?

Rajas ensure all franchises are fully equipped and trained before opening up the doors for business. We offer on-going training and support (through a training manager who is on hand when needed) and continual guidance to ensure your franchise operates to maximum capacity. We are confident our model can prove fruitful anywhere; we provide the skills, experience and guidance for our franchises to ensure that they also enjoy the taste of success. After all, your success is also our success.

We invite all franchises to the Rajas head office prior to opening. Here, all staff and management are provided with training to ensure they are confident in their roles. This is achieved through a combination of mentoring, classroom and branch training.

Rajas will ensure you are all set to open, the Rajas franchise support team will work closely with you at your site to ensure everything is running smoothly prior to opening and will remain with you and in contact throughout your initial few months. We are aware how critically important it is for your investment to make a good start, so we will work closely with you prior to opening to ensure a launch is heavily marketed to build your customer base and to gain maximum exposure.

All franchisees are invited to attend regular meetings that are conducted at our head office. This provides great knowledge sharing to take place between branches, management and any operational issues can be discussed along with possible new ideas.

To date Rajas has never had a branch that does not operate and produce good profits, long may that continue, but how do we do maintain this? Remember we have been operating for over a decade so with our knowledge, experience and continuously investing in improvements, we will ensure Rajas always remains one step ahead of its competitors.

Locations Wanted

United Kingdom.

We are looking to expand nationwide and are open to having more than one branch per city depending on distance from other branches.

Middle East




Other international locations would also be considered.

Ideal prime property location should, but not necessarily have, full fast food planning consent.

  • Good passing trade
  • Capture audience of around 15000 houses
  • Approximately 1000 to 2000 sq ft area required

International Franchise Opportunities

For international franchise master licence please call Aweis Asghar on 07773373636 or email us

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does my investment in a franchise cover?

A: Your investment will cover a complete shop fit, machinery and equipment including a small franchise fee.

Q: What will I have to pay as a royalty and franchise fee?

Rajas do not charge a royalty fee but depending on location, take a fixed amount of £100 on average which covers delivery costs. Rajas have a 10k franchise fee which goes towards training, branch design and business mentoring costs.

Q: Can I use my own builders and purchase my own machinery?

A: Yes, providing our specifications are met we allow franchises the freedom to project manage the shop fits, and purchasing of machinery.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to own more than one franchise?

A: Yes, we believe your success is our success, therefore encourage franchisees to open up more once the initial branch is running successfully.

Q: What support does Rajas head office provide?

A: The Rajas franchise support team is available to guide you every step of the way. We support the finding and vetting of location, shop fits and machinery purchase, to on-going support and business mentoring. Branding and marketing both online and off line is heavily invested in throughout the year.

breakdown of what to expect once you have agreed to become a rajas franchisee

Break of down of what to expect once you have agreed to become a Rajas Franchisee

Time Scales:

2 weeks to 2 months is the time a shop fit can take depending on builders and planning.

If the property needs an A3 license then a further delay can be expected.


Expect to invest 90-110k (including franchising fee) in total depending on the size of the premises you intend to open up a Rajas.

There is a £100 weekly fee to be paid by each franchisee which includes delivery costs for goods (This amount may vary depending on location and mileage for deliveries)


2-3 times a week fresh food is delivered to each Rajas Branch.

Average turnover and profit of a Franchise:

9-10k+ weekly turn over. (Some branches operate at 20k+ a week)

Expected 1500-2k+ weekly profit

Machinery + Support:

We support you in the purchasing of high quality equipment to achieve the best of results. We can guide you in how to best maintain machinery but you will need to provide your own maintenance.

Training Manager:

We supply branches with access to a training manager to ensure staff are skilled and able to perform in their roles.

Branding and Marketing:

We run national campaigns to ensure brand awareness is kept to the highest standards and we focus on local, regional and national scale marketing.