The Right Candidate

The Right Candidate

We are looking for driven, business-minded candidates who can match the levels of hard work and dedication that has gone into building the Rajas brand over the years. A commitment to customer service will be essential for successful candidates, as well as an understanding of the importance of maintaining high quality standards in achieving success. The reputation of the Rajas brand must be maintained at all times, although we do encourage creativity and new ideas. Therefore we are also looking for candidates who will strive to build upon our work and take our reputation to new heights.

We will do our best to help our franchisees achieve and maintain success; therefore candidates should also be willing to undertake the various training programmes we offer to our franchisee

The Right Location

In our experience, the location of the outlet is one of the key factors in determining the success of the business. Candidates are expected to have thought about the potential location of their potential outlet, and be able to justify their decisions. We will work with candidates in suggesting and assessing the various possibilities, but the final decision on location is retained by Rajas Head Office.

Legal Agreement

Successful applicants will ultimately be granted the right to operate an independent Rajas outlet. The details of the agreement in which Rajas franchisees are entered can be found in the Rajas Franchise Agreement, where the rights, roles and responsibilities of successful applicants are clearly defined.

Training and Support

Rajas provide all franchisees with the support and guidance needed to run a successful franchise. We offer comprehensive training, which covers all aspects of the duties that may be faced during the time in which you run your business. This is including customer services training, first aid, product training, health and safety and food safety.

We always ensure that our franchisees are equipped with the skills that they need in order to thrive in their business. Our experience and skills together with the enthusiasm and dedication we demand from our franchisees play a vital role in driving Rajas towards further success.